Vision: We fuse knowledge, talent and energy to create intelligent solution for a better world.

Mission: To consistently provide our clients with our expertise, value, and teamwork to deliver the intelligent solution for our clients and society.

Value: Professional, we demand ourselves to thrive for knowledge and the highest standard of individual Integrity & professional Ethic.

One’s Responsibility to the world

From the time that our founder, Mr. Wichien Wilaingam designed the first mass transit system in Singapore, he knew that in this business it’s not just about infrastructure construction, transportations system or residential building. It’s about making people lives better. MAA has grown, matured and been thriving not only obligate to fulfill our client’s expectation but also one’s responsibility to the world.


Project Manager

• BS. or Higher in Engineering Field
• Have Por.Yor. (..) or Sor.Yor. (..)
• 30 years or more in working experience
• Have experience in Infrastructure project
• Prefer to have experience in rail Projects

System Engineer

• BS. or Higher in EE or ME
• 15 years or more in working experience
• Have experience in rail or mass transit projects

Resident Engineer

• B.S. or B.E. in Engineering or Higher
• Have Por.Yor. (..) or Sor.Yor. (..).
• More than 15 years experience in the field
• have experience in rail project (at least 2 projects)

Structural Engineer

• M.S. or M.E. in structural Engineering
• Have Por.Yor. (..) or Sor.Yor. (..).
• More than 15 year experience in building or infrastructure projects
• have experience in analysis and design.

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