Project: The Consultancy Services for Independent Safety and Reliability Certification Engineer for the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link and City Air Terminal Project
Location: Bangkok
Client: The State Railway of Thailand (SRT)
Project Value: Bath 26,000 millions
Commencement and
April 2009 – March 2012
Project scope :   The project involved in conducting Integrated System Testing and engineering inspections to ensure safety, efficiency and liability of the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link which serves a commuter from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to the City Air Terminal in Makkasan area of Bangkok.
Construction of the line started in 2005. The complete line will be owned and operated by State Railway of Thailand (SRT). Total cost of the project is 26 billion Baht.
The Airport Link line will be 28.6 km long and elevated for most of its length. Both non-stop Express services and Commuter services will be operated. Siemens Desiro trainsets, capable of speeds of up to 160 km/h, will be used, with Express journeys taking 15 minutes and Commuter trips 27 minutes.
Accomplishments :
  • Certify all systems including Civil/structure, Architecture and Building Facilities and E&M Railway System that are completed for safe and efficient operations.

  • Review and certify for the operation readiness of the operator before revenue services.

  • Review and certify that the systems has been designed, constructed, manufactured, installed and tested completely according to the contracts and specifications. To minimize the risk of major safety incidents during operations.

  • Ensure that the systems will be Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) performance as specified.

  • Review and certify the functional completion of the systems, either in parts or in whole, is proven in its entirely on a comprehensive Test Programmed culminating in Trial Run Period.

  • Proof of system reliability, performance and safety is complete and sustainable through the system lifecycle.

  • Support the project stakeholders confidence in the project through management actions, reports, presentations, etc.

  • In conjunction with the Contractor and CSC, define the control and supervision programmed for the trial running, witness, evaluate tests, and recommend any remedial action necessary.

  • Review and certify remaining works and the open items at the time of commencement of Revenue Service do not affect or relate to safety critical aspects and main operations.

  • Provide ongoing performance review and trouble shooting services, during post operations.

  • Review and certify the operation readiness of operator at all functions.

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