Taiwan High Speed Rail Project

Location :
Stretch from North to South of Taiwan
Client :
Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
Project Value :
Baht 50,000 million
Commencement and Completion :
April 2000 - August 2002
Project scope :

This High Speed Rail Project in Taiwan is one of the largest transportation and infrastructure projects in Asia. The project route stretched 345 km from north Taipei to Kaohsiung in the South. The design of project facility includes 10 elevated stations and 6 maintenance depots, approximately 63 km of tunnel, 252 km of viaduct, and 30 km of embankment / cut. The design task involved double track system to accommodate the train speed up to 350 kph. The challenging of this project is to design track structure which run across 2 active earthquake fault lines.

Accomplishments :
  • •  Carried out detailed design of superstructure and substructure of viaduct
  • •  Undertaken Track Structure Interaction Analysis for 5 out of 11 segments with approximately 38,000 m of viaduct in the contract. The design work was conducted in Thailand by using high speed internet connectivity for submission of drawings and communication between Taiwanese engineers

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