The key influences to the construction cost are the decisions made during the beginning stage of a project life cycle. Decisions at the initial stage have far greater influence than those made at later stages. Thus an owners should obtain the expertise from professionals who could provide them with accurate feasibility studies and infallible plans of the project domains.

    With our technological capabilities, experience, and true understanding of client’s goal and project objectives, we can set up project roadmap to accomplish each objective. Beside gathering basic informations for each project such as performing ground investigation, topographic survey, traffic survey, sociology and anthropology survey, GIS preparation, or preparing expropriation plan/procedures; working closely with the owner, end-users, operators, etc. to perform value engineering to produce not only the best solution but also the most efficient solution and most value solution to best suit our clients’ requirements and criteria.


    Our global network of planning experts contributes an extensive range of services to public and private sector clients. We deliver world-class services that attain clients’ goals while harmonizing sensitivity and respect for the local communities. MAA makes a major involvement in the feasibility and planning stages of projects, and to the evaluation and enhancement of planning and achievement of the project success. Our method to each project is collaborative, inclusive, environmental friendly, cost-effective and innovative.


    Construction Projects have a specific set of objects and constraints such as a required time frame for completion. Project management is the art of directing and coordinating human, time, and material resources throughout the lifecycle of the project by using modern management techniques and available technologies to attain predetermined objects of scope, cost, time, quality and participation accomplishment.

    While there are potential conflicts between stated objectives with regard to scopes, cost, time and quality, constraints imposed on human, material and financial resources. The art of project management is to balance and resolve these conflicts by tradeoffs or creating new alternatives.


    Design, a key factor influences the success of product in terms of functional satisfaction, timely achievement, budgeting control and quality assurance. MAA believes that quality is the ability to consistently provide service and value that exceeds clients’ expectations. We are committed to this challenge and continuously work to improve our day-to-day operation in design and engineering works. Integral to our clients success is the dedication and expertise of MAA’s more than 100 design and engineering personnel across our various divisions. Our engineers are available to support your needs across all major geographic regions. Our highly skilled teams provide and extensive range of value-added design and engineering services that complement MAA’s complete beginning-to-end engineering strategy.


    Quality Construction Management, a rudimentary requirement to the success of any project, the knowledge and know-how acquired in the long standing practice by MAA as part of our value to serve our clients, ensuring the ability to optimize our project.

    MAA focuses on achieving the client’s goals for cost, schedule and quality. Combining seasoned personnel, specialized expertise and state-of-the-art management information system, we have established a track record for successful project delivery.


    MAA has assisted public and private clients with various construction supervisions since 1988. We offer full capability services to multiple fields including infrastructure (airport, port, roadway, highway, expressway, toll road), utilities (power, water supply, drainage), building (institutional, commercial, hospital, industrial, recreational), energy (gas, petroleum, LNG), etc. with experienced multidisciplinary team of engineers, expertise and specialists to perform site supervision, monitoring, contracting, documentation, reporting and information management.


    Independent Design Check (IDC), Independent Certified Engineer (ICE), also to be know as Design Assurance, is a specialized services which mainly driven by special set of goals that are distinct from design/development team efforts. However, like a design work, IDC team members should have intimate, unbiased participation in requirements definition, design reviews, code inspections and configuration change clients decisions.


    We love to solve challenges related to Earth’s elements, air, water, soil and rock. Our environmental study and planning services span a multitude of disciplines and industries. From air quality to watershed modeling in industries from agriculture to water resources, we have local and international expertise to bring practical and value-added solutions to each project by customer-client interaction to fulfill clients’ specific needs.


    The real business starts here. Operation and Maintenance is the heart and soul of any cooperation, company, factories, facilities, etc. By working together as a partner with our clients, our experts will follow our MAA Operation Manuals to come up with the Design Concept, Value Engineering Design Integration, Functional & Space Planning & Programming, and Operation & Maintenance planning and manuals.

  10. Information Gathering/Field Survey/Geography Information System(GIS)

    To successfully complete our important projects, getting all the essential basic DATA/informations are crucial to our success. We thrive ourselves to obtain the up-to-date accurate data to set up the Geographic Information System (GIS) for each project which can be accessed by each of our sections and engineers to work on their project such as master planning, detailed design,  construction supervision/management, expropriation planning effectively. By gathering each information and data from topographic survey, geotechnical survey, traffic survey, economic investigation/analyst, sociology investigation, anthropology survey, environmental investigation, expropriation survey, etc, we can set up our GIS correctly and accurately  which are vital to complete each of our projects successfully.